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Empowering individuals
with disabilities.

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Offering support, guidance and encouragement to adults with developmental disabilities.

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Since 1972

Empowering Individuals

The goal of The WOW Center is to provide quality programs and support to individuals with developmental disabilities in order for them to lead meaningful and productive lives, explore their potential, develop a sense of community and pursue independence and jobs if able.

In order to accomplish this goal, The WOW Center focuses on improving the adaptive skills of individuals who attend the Center. These are the daily independent living skills required to live, work and play in the community.

You Can Help

You Can Help

Generosity in itself is limited only to one’s resources, which is summed up in the following proverb, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” If you can do more than provide a monthly commitment and would like to make a donation that will make a lasting impression, The WOW Center provides you the opportunity. All you have to do is give.

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