Staff Directory

Executive Staff

Staff E-mail Position Extension
Natalia Wong  Executive Director  208
Lourdes Matamoros  Director of Social Services  211
Anay Abraham  Director of WOW Relationships & Development  205

Social Services Staff

Staff E-mail Position Extension
Burke, Rosilyn Record Management Coordinator  210
Delgado, Marda  Case Manager  233
Santiago, Kristina Social Worker  202
Wheeler, Reginald Social Worker  235

All Other Staff


Staff E-mail Position Extension
 Ambrosini, Florencia  Recreational Therapist  218
 Barbieri, Melissa  Substitute Aide  N/A
 Barnes, Angela Substitute Aide  N/A
 Barrett, Stacy  Music Therapy Co-Instructor  206
 Blanco, Yenela  Community Based Education Coordinator  226
Chavarriaga, Carlos  Community Based Education Instructor  226
 Durham, Jermaine  Technology Program Aide  219
 Fonseca, Carolina  Technology Lab Instructor  219
 Galo Stephanie  Program Aide-Sports & Fitness  218
 Gomez-Johns, Sara  Special Projects Manager  N/A
 Gonzalez, Julianna  Supported Employment Manager/Job Coach  201
 Jeffries, Gina  Administrative Director  203
 Lieberman, Matt  Art instructor  220
 Luna, Berta  Bookkeeper   204
 Main, Susana   Community Based Education Instructor  221
 Marques Bou, Marilyn   Speech Language Pathologist  234
 Martinez, Abigail   Community Based Education Coordinator  221
 Oyarzun, Gloria   Saturday Program / Special Olympics Coach   N/A
 Paez, Magaly   Program Aide- Silver Club  230
Perez-Julio, Stephanie  Front Desk Coordinator  207
Popham, Valerie  Program Aide- Art  207
 Quesada, Lorena   Speech Therapist Assistant  234
 Reyes, Alfonso   Building Maintenance  N/A
 Santana, Flor  Program Aide  N/A
 Sierra, Rene  Director of Vocational and Community  Programs  201
 Silva, Olga  Administrative Assistant  229
 Suarez, Melissa  Program Aide- Silver Club  230
 Telfort, Maria  Life & Work Skills Co-Instructor  217
 Wach, Barbara  Life & Work Skills Instructor & Aktion Club Coordinator  217
 Wheeler, Jessica  Music Therapist  206
 Wu, I-Chieh  Music Therapist Silver Club  230

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